Pothos Plant

Cebu Blue Pothos
Cebu Blue Pothos by plantzaddyy

The Pothos Plant is well known for how much it can add to a space, while still being simple to care for. They are a vining plant that can grow in a variety of conditions and they’re easy to propagate.

They make the best living walls!

Living wall wall planter pothos living wall
Living wall Step By Step and photo by Field Notes by Studio Plants . 100% Recycled milk jug wall planter by Wally Gro

How to Care for Pothos Plant

These are fairly easy to care for plants that can tolerate a variety of environments.


Natural indirect sunlight is it’s preference, however they will grow in low to high light and can even survive under artificial light. Keep in mind that too high of light for a prolonged period of time can cause burning and too low of light can cause lack-luster coloring.

Long trailing golden pothos plant decor
Long trailing golden pothos Photo by botanikodesign

Pothos will better tolerate too dry of soil than it will too soggy of soil. It is better to under water than over water this plant. Let the top 1/2 of your soil dry out before watering again. To give it a good watering, get the soil moist, allowing the excess water to drip out the bottom. Be sure to empty your drip tray. I like to shower mine in the bathtub. They also enjoy a misting here and there.


It will thrive in moderate climates from the 70’s-Mid 80’s, but can survive high/low swings in temperature.

I keep quite a few of my silver pothos and golden pothos in a sunny full windowed room that can get very chilly when temperatures hit below freezing. While they do not grow leaves in the cold winter, they show no signs of distress and require a little less water.

Marble Queen Pothos Plant
Marble Queen Pothos Photo by Mornin Plants

Pothos Propagation

It is easily propagated, so it’s quick to multiply. I’ve mentioned Pick Up Limes before, but I just cannot get enough of their studio, which really filled out from their pothos plant cuttings. Dare I say, this “kitchen” is my dream?!


Pothos will grow in water. They can be used at the top of aquariums, allowing the roots to grow in the water. By doing this they are able to feed off the nitrates and food produced by the water life and in return clean the tank.

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