Plant Decor Plant Stands and Display

Display Your Darlings
Repurposed scale for vintage plant stand.
Plant Stands By @MJChicCo

Plant Decor Plant Stands.

Plants have become my favorite aspect of home decor. It is so fun to see the ways that people put their adorable plants on display. Look for old items that can be repurposed into a plant stand. Think of plant decor as an artform.

Ikea plant stand

If DIY and treasure hunting isn’t your jam, here is a set by Ikea that is kind of perfect.

Ikea plant stand. Kitchen gareden.

The Satusumas vertical plant pot makes the kitchen garden so accessible and casual.

DIY Plant Stands with Easy Components to Find
Railroad Tie Stand
Easy DIY plant stand
DIY Railroad Tie Plant Stand.

You will need 1 railroad tie, surprisingly easy to find and affordable at the hardware store, table legs, wood stain if you choose.

Hat Rack Plant Hanger
Window hanging DIY plant stand.

You will need jars, jar hangers, hat hack, knobs and hooks for hanging your creation.

DIY Crate Plant Stand
DIY crate plant stand.
DIY Crate Plant Stand

You will need crates, table legs, paint, drill, screws. Have fun making it your own

DIY Tomato Stand Planter

This is a game changer… Tomato cages are affordable and easy to repurpose. And they look great!

You will need tomato plant cages, wire cutters, and paint or yarn, or whatever else you use to put your flare on it…

Easy DIY plant stand. Tomato cage planter.
DIY Tomato Cage Planter
Dresser Plant Stand
Dresser converted into planter boxes.

I will never tire of seeing dressers turned into plant stands.

Easy Hanging Planter DIY
Easy DIY hanging planter
Project by @ABeautifulMess

This is an easy DIY project by A Beautiful Mess.

The have an easy to follow guide on their site.

DIY Hanging Herb Garden Planter
DIY Hanging Planter

This DIY hanging planter by BRIT+CO is a great fit for anyone looking for a bigger project with room to customize.

DIY Hanging Plant Rack

Check out Plant Decor Hanging Plants for some hanging plant decor inspiration

Easy hanging planter
I love the all the ways plant lovers find to display their plant babies! Photo by: homeantics

Top ladder rack by @Farmhousebasics

Bottom ladder rack by @EdnaFayeCreations

Plant Decor Plant Stands

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