Plant Decor Indoor Herb Garden

Plant decor indoor herb garden window cling
Plant Decor Herb Garden Kit by Garden Therapy

Plant Decor, Indoor Herb Garden

A window cling herb garden is absolutely brilliant. What a charming detail to add to the home. I feel inspired to look for window cling hooks to hang some baskets from.

If you have been wanting to grow a full, thriving indoor herb garden, I think 2021 is the year to make it happen! There are so many options that are visually pleasing and easy to do. There’s no need to hire an indoor garden architect.

Ikea’s Fintrop

The kitchen herb garden has ways seemed overwhelming for me to keep up with, but I find this hanging organizer planter to be nice to look at and functional.

Vertical kitchen garden, plant decor indoor herb garden.
Vertical kitchen garden, plant decor indoor herb garden.

Ikea has the functional, casual, and stylish indoor herb garden perfected with Fintrop.

DIY Shoe Organizer Plant Hanger

Using a hanging show organizer to hold all of your herb pots is an easy, affordable, and cute way to execute an indoor herb garden.

Wall Scape Planter by West Elm
Vertical garden herb garden plant decor
Project by Inspired Charm

What a charming way to display all of those delicious herbs!

Wall Scape planter by West Elm.

Indoor Vegetable Garden
Plant decor indoor herb garden kitchen cart.
Utility Cart Indoor Vegetable Garden by Home_Designing.

For years I have tried my hand at indoor vegetable gardening. It always seems to be a struggle to figure out how to stage the plants. I am absolutly in love with this utility cart indoor herb + vegetable garden idea!

Ikea Satusumas vertical herb garden
Satsumas By Ikea

Satsumas by Ikea is an effortless way to conserve space while growing your counter top herb garden.

Plant Decor Indoor Herb Garden

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