Peace Lily How to Care For

Giant Peace Lily
Stunning by CrimsonHort

Peace Lily is easy to love! They are easy to care for and can be pretty forgiving. It grows well in the shade and bright light alike and is excellent at communicating when it wants a drink. When thinking about the ideal environment for this plant, you must remember it is tropical. Genus: Spathiphyllum 

How Often to Water Peace Lily

A good watering once a week is about as often as is needed. Water and mist often in the summer months. They thrive in high humidity so keep their soil moist, but don’t over water. Water when the top soil is dry, about 1/2 inch. It is better to under water this plant than it is to over water. This is true of most plants!

It will tell you when it wants a drink by starting to bow or droop.

They do require fertilizer in the growing months. Not cold hardy and should not sit at temperatures below 50 degrees for too long. Under 40 degrees will kill it. 

How Much Sun Does Peace Lily Need?

Large Peace Lily with flowers

Look at this giant Peace Lily by hellofancy_plants

Honestly, they can be pretty flexible.

If they are kept in brighter, indirect sunlight, they are more likely to produce their beautiful white flower and leaf bract. If they are kept in a shadier environment, they will still grow full as leaf foliage. 

Is Peace Lily Air Purifying?

Home Decor large peace lily
Massive Peace Lily by Wit & Whistle

They are said to be air purifying, and while this is true, they do clean some contaminants of the air, the effect is said to be negligible. In order to start seeing air purifying results, NASA reccoments using at least 15 plants in the “average home”.

 Here are some top-rated plants for air purification:

• Pothos Ivy • Philodendron • English Ivy • Peace Lily • Weeping Fig

Fun Facts

Aquaponic peace lily growing in water
This is a perfect example of how the plant should be suspended above the water. The fish are not necessary, but I think it’s an interesting idea. Project by Unknown

Aquaponic. Can grow without soil. The plant needs to be kept out of the water entirely in order to avoid root rot, but the roots can be kept in water only. If you interested in this project, check out “Aquaponics Peace Lily in aquarium”.

Easy to repot. The roots will tolerate being separated if you choose to divide them when repotting.

Lily’s are poisonous, however the peace lily is not actually in the lily family, it is in the Araceae  family. They contain calcium oxalate and are only known to cause mild reactions in humans and animals when eaten.

*Keep lilies out of the reach of small children and pets.

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