How to Care for your Monstera Deliciosa, Monstera Albo, Monstera Thai Constellation

Big mature Monstera ,
Monstera Deliciosa Borsigiana Variegata,
Tall monstera
Thriving Monstera photo by A_Londoners_Urban_Jungle

How to care for Monstera?

When caring for your your Monstera, think tropical. Your plant wants heat, humidity, and lots of indirect sunlight.

Water weekly or after the first inch of soil becomes dry. Let the soil dry before you water again. In the winter months it will require less watering. “Listening” to when your plant wants a drink will keep it from water logging/root rot. Keep your plants in well draining nursery pots, using outer pots to dress up your Monstera.

Feed with fertilizer in the spring and summer. Keep your plants environment warm and humid, working to create a tropical setting. Monstera Deliciosa is not too sensitive of a plant and will tolerate deviation from it’s ideal environment.

How to care for Variegated Monstera

Mature Variegated Monstera Albo
Photo By Craig Milran

Variegation happens as the result of a genetic mutation that will produce a chromosomal pairing with some plant tissue being unable to produce chlorophyll (learn more here. Lighter, discolored sections of variegated monstera will relay on green parts of the plant for energy, as it is unable to use photosynthesis.

It will require bright conditions. Try to find a spot that offers maximum exposure to bright indirect sun light.

The larger the white section of your Monstera Albo, the more likely it is to brown. While the Monstera Albo Half Moon is absolutely stunning, it will require perfect conditions to keep the white sections of your leaf from browning. All white leaves have a shorter lifespan as they are unable to produce enough energy.

A Monstera Variegata with a marbleized pattern, like a Thai Constellation Monstera, is generally an easier pattern to keep looking perfect as the albo/mint/aurea areas of your plant are able to access the energy it needs.

That extra special touch…

Give your Monstera regular “baths”. Large leaves will undoubtedly collect dust, wipe down your plants leaves to keep them beautiful and healthy. Monstera is not prone to pests, but still be sure to check. If you do have a problem, use neem oil to rid your plants of pests and fungi.

Monstera with Moss Pole
Photo by The Nunhead Gardener

Use moss poles. This is a sprawling plant that will need reinforcements. The Monstera Deliciosa is known to grow as tall as 30 feet. Even the smaller species will benefit from support.

In general, Monstera is an easy to care for plant. While it has it’s preferences, it is not fragile and can be fairly forgiving. That said there are definitely species of monstera, like Obliqua, that tend to be higher maintenance.

If you’re looking for more in-depth information I highly recommend you check out Planterina’s video on Monstera Deliciosa care.

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