Plant Decor Indoor Herb Garden

Plant Decor, Indoor Herb Garden A window cling herb garden is absolutely brilliant. What a charming detail to add to the home. I feel inspired to look for window cling hooks to hang some baskets from. If you have been wanting to grow a full, thriving indoor herb garden, I think 2021 is the yearContinue reading “Plant Decor Indoor Herb Garden”

Plant Decor Plant Stands and Display

Display Your Darlings Plant Decor Plant Stands. Plants have become my favorite aspect of home decor. It is so fun to see the ways that people put their adorable plants on display. Look for old items that can be repurposed into a plant stand. Think of plant decor as an artform. If DIY and treasureContinue reading “Plant Decor Plant Stands and Display”

Plant Decor Hanging Plants

When staging your home it can be a challenge to think of ways to utilize vertical space. Plant decor, hanging plants in particular are an excellent choice in creating a 3 dimensional oasis. There is just something so southing about existing surrounded by plants. Baby Needs a New Dress Challenge yourself to not only ownContinue reading “Plant Decor Hanging Plants”